Before all else, I'll take a second to once again shamelessly plug [community profile] ljdq, and how much incredible fun it is. Oh yes. Definitely fun, yeah. Visit the info page for, obviously, info. Then join and play. Or don't join, but play anyway. If you've already joined, then you are a beautiful person. More beautiful if you play, of course. Except [profile] fizrep, of course; he hasn't been beautiful since age 5 when his mother decked him out in a pink bonnet, just to see.

Anyway, that's all beside the point. I'm in the business of reviewing movies, and business is good. Even if the movies aren't.

The Village

...and they ain't talkin' Greenwich Village either. No spoilers here, just in case you want to go see it. )
Is there any ride more completely satisfying at Great Adventure than the Spinning Teacups? What other attraction offers you a high-speed, self-motivated, centrifugal-force-laden, more-dizzying-than-alcohol experience, in addition to a strenuous upper body workout? I know not of any other such ride.

In other news... Ghirardelli Chocolate for breakfast? DexCon, you are a genius!

And finally, to rehash a previous advertisement, the Live Journal Daily Quiz, hosted by [profile] angledge and myself, is about to get underway. Come check it out, and if you haven't already done so, sign up! It promises to be more fun than a barrel of drunken monkeys.
An age-old project resurrects itself, like Dumbledore's birdie, or something...

[community profile] ljdq

The Daily Quiz lives again!

The community information page sums it all up very nicely. [profile] angledge and I have attempted to create a worthy successor to the original Daily Quiz, once a thing of unimaginable comedy and entertainment for hundreds and, on one rare occasion, thousands.

What's the gist? Each week we'll offer you five trivia questions. Easy? Hard? No matter... the challenge might be to get the correct answers. The bigger and better challenge would be to get the funny answers. So step right up and join the fun. The more who join, the funnier it becomes!

See you all real soon. And remember the motto of the Daily Quiz: "Smart is easy. Funny is hard."



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