chaosvizier ([personal profile] chaosvizier) wrote2016-12-24 10:19 am
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Who's eating a box3 of Batman v Superman breakfast cereal2 right now? I'm not saying it's this guy right here for sure1, but the odds are definitely in my favor.

1This guy right here will eat almost anything, given the chance4.
2This cereal comes in two varieties: the Batman flavor and the Superman flavor7. I am currently working with the Batman flavor5.
3Pedants among you might be noting, "But [ profile] chaosvizier, you're just eating a bowl of cereal poured from a box, not the entire box itself." WRONG! You can't be a glutton if you don't try, and I ain't no quitter.
3aPROFIT! Usually that's number three, but sometimes I forget.
4Notable exceptions to things I will not even try: Casu Marzu cheese.
5Why exactly does the Batman flavor involve strawberries? Really just curious from a marketing standpoint. "Ok, we need two distinct flavors, one that represents Batman, the Dark Knight, and one that represents Superman, Last Son of Krypton. Any suggestions? ... Yes, Jensen?" - "BATMAN TASTES LIKE STRAWBERRIES!!!!!" - "...Any other suggestions? Anyone? Anyone at all? ... *sigh* Fine. Strawberry it is. Also, Jensen, you're fired."
6Merry Almost Christmas, everyone!
7If you're wondering whether I deliberately bought this box of cereal, the answer is yes, and also I routinely make strange and horrible impulse shopping decisions in the grocery store.

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