As I mentioned yesterday, this past weekend there was a wedding.

Now I'll tell the tale of the actual wedding. )
This weekend, there was a wedding.

This story does not actually talk about the wedding, but what came before. It's like a prequel, see? )
This Saturday, I went to a wedding.

Yeah, it's story time again. And it's pretty sacreligious too, so if you're worried about catching fire for reading my heresies, you might want to stop here... )
Much as the legendary General MacArthur said he would, I have returned from my grand sojourn out west. I know you all missed me terribly.

First things first: Happy belated birthday to [profile] ghostwriterxx, [profile] angledge, and Clayton ([personal profile] chrysoberyl, you can tell him that for me).

What, you might ask, could have happened in five days of travel? I know the question gnaws at you, and I am here to satisfy your curiosity. So read on in wonderment and awe, as my chilling tale unfolds before you!

Thursday: Wherein The Horrors Of Flight Are Revealed To Our Heroes )

Friday: On The Nature Of Pie, Sushi, Anally Fixated Golf Courses, And Music Lyrics )

Saturday: In Which Horses Are Named, Balls Struck, And Vows Made. )

Sunday: Regarding The Wonders Of Mother Nature )

Monday: Wherein Our Heroes Return From Whence They Came, Albeit Fatter )



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