Merry Christmas to everyone. Even if you don't celebrate. I still think you should be merry. Because, hey, why not? It's a seasonal thing. You can be a jerk next week, if you want. I probably will. But right now, enjoy the day. It means fun and merriment. Go make merry; you won't regret it.

Ok, just to show you how easy it is, I'm going to try it out.
*deeeeeep breath*
I think you guys are great and it's a pleasure knowing you, for real or otherwise.
Hmm. That wasn't too difficult, but it took a lot out of me. I can go back to being my usual self now. ;-)

See you in a week when I might make a friendly New Years post as well. Although I'm much more likely to make a drunk-off-my-ass post at that point.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg agrees: "[ profile] chaosvizier's full of Christmas cheer right now, but in seven days he's going to be the most shitfaced guy on the planet, and I'll be glad to have him out of my city."
Ok. If there were ever a day when I would want to make a whiny emo "woe is me life sux waaah" post, this would be that day, and this would be that post. But I'm going to not do that.

Instead I will say "Today I met George Clooney and Don Cheadle and Joey Cheek, and even though folks were snapping shots of George and Don, I went up to Joey and told him I remembered him during the Olympics and how he was awesome, and it made his day. I'm nice that way."

Also, I will concede to my many female coworkers: George Clooney is a good-looking male human being. I'm hoping my hair grays out the right way. And my face settles. And a whole bunch of other stuff. But besides that, yeah, I look just like him. Uh huh.
Upon seeing Drew Barrymore up close and personal, I can now say two things:

A) She's shorter than she looks on screen. Except in ET and Firestarter, where she was much shorter.

B) I think I could kick her ass.

I think B) a lot when I see people. I must have some pent up anger issues or such. I thought the same thing when Bill Gates passed by. But that was really motivated by my desire to snag the $100000 worth of spare change he probably had sitting in his pocket for emergency use.

Okay, granted, I didn't think B) when I met Colin Powell. The man's tough. I won't dog the main man Powell.
Although the workweek is not yet over, I'll spend this entry telling stories about yesterday because, well, yesterday was eventful.

Okay, they're really just boring work stories. Go visit one of my earlier journal entries, maybe the one where I contemplated the value of pie.

War Without End )

Consume Mass Quantities )

Best. Reception. Ever. (part I) )

Best. Reception. Ever. (part II) )

And that was my day. Today I'm sleepy and hungry. Again.
So on Friday afternoon, [ profile] angledge and I go to Borders' book store in southern Manhattan where Neil Gaiman is doing a book signing and reading. Cool. For those of you who insist on depriving yourselves of things that rule, Neil Gaiman writes some incredible works of modern fantasy, and is responsible for arguably one of the best comic book series ever, Sandman.

He read from his newest children's book, Wolves In The Walls. He has a good reading voice, augmented of course by his British accent, and it made the reading a lot of fun. He then answered questions (highlight: "What is your favorite font?" - "Oh, now we're getting desperate. I mean, how am I going to answer this? 'Well, I think Arial is quite pretty, but Courier is still very traditional and formal.'"), and then the signing began.

The signing order was very well-arranged by Borders- as each person entered the store for the signing, they were given a page off a page-a-day calendar. In this fashion, they could announce "January can go up the signing booth now." - "February can go up now." - and so on. Quite clever. The hordes of fans were directed to proceed by the gayest man on the face of planet Earth. Now, I am in no way homophobic- some of my closest friends are gay. I'm simply saying that this man was the amalgam of EVERY gay male stereotype ever. When this guy used the word "super" in a sentence the same way South Park's Big Gay Al would use the word "super", I about lost my shit.

So, we have our calendar pages. In a bizarre twist of fate, my page was 5 May. Yes, my birthday. How's that for impressive? In any event, that also told us that we had about 120 people ahead of us, which gave us time to go out and eat and wander. We went to Ground Zero, circled it for a while, studied the remnants of WTC7, and searched for our friend Brian's apartment that had been WAY too close to the blast zone. So we spent some time relaxing, and finally got back to the store just in time for May to be called. We wait, meet Neil, get autographs and pictures, and off we go.

All in all, a good Friday afternoon.

EDIT (3 Feb 2017): Look, a picture!



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