In just under 12 hours, I can begin another NaNoVenture. Full of horror and madness. And probably alcohol. But really, that last part could be anything.

Goofy introspective bits follow. I know, surprising, right? That's like, two introspective posts this year! A plethora, even! Mmmm... plethora. )
So, the other day, last weekish sometime, was my birthday. Once again, SO OLD!

Things I did, followed by Things I thought about. Oooh, introspective! )
Ok. If there were ever a day when I would want to make a whiny emo "woe is me life sux waaah" post, this would be that day, and this would be that post. But I'm going to not do that.

Instead I will say "Today I met George Clooney and Don Cheadle and Joey Cheek, and even though folks were snapping shots of George and Don, I went up to Joey and told him I remembered him during the Olympics and how he was awesome, and it made his day. I'm nice that way."

Also, I will concede to my many female coworkers: George Clooney is a good-looking male human being. I'm hoping my hair grays out the right way. And my face settles. And a whole bunch of other stuff. But besides that, yeah, I look just like him. Uh huh.
My cell phone, cheeky tool of Satan that it is, has given up the ghost rather gracelessly. Alas, poor Yorick, and all that. It has ceased to be; it has expired. With it, of course, go all the numbers in it. And here I was just telling myself the other day, "I should write down all the numbers in my cell phone in case something happens."

Of course, I did nothing of the sort. Because I'm dumb that way.

Anyway, if I previously had your cell phone number, or if I didn't and you want me to, or if you want to trick me and give me a fake number for yourself, please leave a comment here with your name and phone number so I can re-enter all my lost data. I've screened comments so no one else will see your 1-900 "phone service". Your secrets are safe with me.
I am not a sports fan. This is a given. Not everyone is cut out to follow intense media-generated rivalries between random assortments of people who represent a given geographical region that most likely is not even their own. Not everyone has the stamina to sit for hours in a stadium watching the classic rules-hindered battles between men and women. Not everyone thinks that $500 for Super Bowl tickets is a pretty good deal.

I am not everyone. My personal sport of choice would be ping-pong, but that's a narrative for another day.
Why? )
Most important announcement, of course, is that [community profile] ljdq is still taking answers for the latest test. Come one, come all, play and enjoy, and, if necessary, join in criticizing my unnecessarily rough questions. It's bliiiiiissssss!

Terror Good. Money Bad. )

The Amazing So Offensive. Skip This One. )

Nyyaaarrhghgh... How Old Am I? )
And now, some retrospective gibberish, mint flavored for your pleasure.

Yes, gibberish, that's what I said. You expected otherwise? )
Haven't said anything here in a while, so I'll start with a fundamental truth:

Pudding is good.

That being said, this has been a pretty crazy month, mostly made bad by my dislocated knee that makes me gimp around a lot. That really put me in a funk. More so because it really interferes with karate, which is one of my few joys in life. Even more so because they just told me I need surgery to go in and make it better. Curses. Now, granted, I'm all about making things better, and I'm sure the surgeons involved are skilled people who have no intention of causing harm or further damage. They don't want to get sued any more than I want to have my leg severed. Perhaps even less so. But this just makes me feel old and decrepit, like how old people are required to break their hip. Here I go, happy birthday, have a broken knee, you ancient bastard! Soon the rest of me will malfunction, and I'll be nothing but a puddle of protoplasm as my body disintegrates around me.

On the other hand, I haven't had a good surgery or hospitalization in ages. I'm about due. Last time I was hospitalized was for tuberculosis. I laughed at that. "Isn't that one of those primitive third-world diseases that no one gets any more?" No indeedy! I had a disease that actually strikes terror in half the southern hemisphere. Neat. I got a cool hospital room- it was like an airlock, and the medical staff had to go through some kind of decontamination room to get to me. I felt all Andromeda Strain and everything. Kickass. (For the record: The Andromeda Strain, by Michael Crichton, one of his older books, really good, I recommend it. They made a movie out of it as well, blah blah, read the book because it's better.)

And, soon, vacation time. My housemates say I already took a vacation, but that didn't count. This one will.
Well, ladies and gentlemen and other things that read this, it's another year divisible by four, and you know what that means: longer Februarys. But it also means an election year for We The People. And that means campaigning. And mudslinging. And baby kissing. And commercials. And badgers. And pie.

There's a lot of talk about who's the right candidate for president. Democrats, Republicans, Independents... Hell, there's even a Nazi candidate out there. We haven't had a good Nazi in power in... well, forever, I suppose. There are no good Nazis. But that's beside the point. The real point is, everyone should stop wasting all this time and vote for me. Why, you might ask? What do I have to offer that makes me a better choice than any other candidate?

This Is Why I Should Be In Power... )
For those of you who are even remotely interested in current events, you might be aware that the UN Headquarters compound in Baghdad was bombed this morning, with casualties.

This, of course, happens a lot; blowing up UN stuff is an age-old tradition among, well, everyone. It's always reprehensible, regardless of your feelings for or against the UN's existence. In this case, however, I find it extra-unacceptable, for two reasons.

1) I know at least two persons inside that compound very well, and a number of others I've made brief acquaintances with over the years.

2) I briefly considered taking a short-term posting at that location- I'd always wanted to go off on one of the peacekeeping missions, and that one had a lot of potential to be interesting. Obviously, me being there today would have been... inconvenient.

In summary, blowing up UN buildings is just plain mean.



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