In the words of Obi-Wan Kenobi, "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy." He was speaking of Mos Eisley spaceport, but truly, had he ever visited Las Vegas, he could have said the exact same thing. And I did too.

Things I did not do in Las Vegas: get married, get hookers, meet Elvis. Just to get that out of the way quick. )
While this movie wasn't on my list of films to see, I went as a gesture of good will and... well, maybe not good will, more like malicious will. But that's beside the point. The review appears anyway!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

None of you are going to see the movie, so I feel fine with spoiling the hell out of it. )
Previously, our hero had found himself at the mercy of the World Sumo Wrestling League and the infinite shenanigans that went along with a performance of the ages. The tale was magical, but lacked photographic evidence and support... until now.

Now behold the picspamming power of Iron Mountain! )
This past Friday I went to a sumo wrestling match. Not as a spectator, but more like a participant. But not really in that way either... ah, just read the story.

Long story follows, involving martial arts of the normal kind, martial arts of the really large man kind, and martial arts of the Mortal Kombat kind. Also, I leave my comfort zone like never before. )
Ok, I admit, I'm not a huge updater. I write here once in a while, just for shits and giggles. But some folks say they want to know more about what I'm doing, and that I should update and stuff, so here's my review of my life in the year 2006. That's right, all 24 days of it. Fear the summary. FEAR!

On the First Day of January someone gave to me... A craptastic marshmallow peep! )

Later that year, some other crazy stuff happened. )

And then, some martial arts nonsense. )
Last Friday we were accosted by ninjas.

Segue into obvious story here. )
Summer camp: Enjoyable nature-centered activity or brutal weekend of death? You decide.

Cut because I'm just jabbering about crazy stuff that I did this weekend. )
Like a choir of angels from heaven, I bring tidings of great movie joy to you. Hallelujah!

Right... it's nothing like that. Not even close. But hey, more movie reviews, because you need to know what's out there. And believe me, this movie is WAY OUT THERE.

Kung Fu Hustle

I am a crazy man, but nowhere near as crazy as whoever produced and directed this film. )
And on Day Five of what will eventually be another epic 19-day work week, the office gave a collective "fuck this noise", drank a lot of wine, and dispersed early (early being hour eleven of the workday). In celebration of this magical event, I went to see Jet Li kick ass in Hero. Mainly becaue Jet Li is the man.


This movie has subtitles in it. djdysfunction, you should be there like, right now. )
On Friday I went to Madison Square Garden.

A Night At The Garden )
Well, just for the weekend. Wish me luck, and hope that I survive. Or at least that I take someone else down with me. I'll tell everyone a story on Monday.
Yeah, I'm owned on booze again. This doesn't normally happen seven days in a row, bu what the fuck, here goes ntohing. We drank a few beers at akarate, but I didn't have a full stomach so I got hit kinda early, then me and this other high rianking black belt Ron went out and found a bar that we had never been to, so of cousrese we had to go in and sample its goods. So, five beers, two shots and a gbame of pool later, I am so fucking owne d on pbbooze it's not funny. Here's my journa l entry, have a nice day you sober fool.

\Spell chekc entry before posting? fuck that!

Quote of the day: "Holy crap I'm too drunk to operate a fucking twist tie!" - [personal profile] chaosvizier
I was one tired panda Sunday night. Between a fine day at Longwood Gardens on Friday, with my valiant sidekicks [profile] fizrep and [profile] angledge, seven hours of working out at a seminar on Saturday, a fun-filled boozetastic evening Saturday night, and getting stuffed to the gills by Italians Sunday afternoon, I just about reached the end of my rope. Plus, now I'm all fat. Crazy Italians.

Coming back to work after a nice long fulfilling weekend always sucks a little more than usual.

Quote of the Day (sat): "It's like some kind of cyclical remorae action."- [profile] fizrep



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