Yes, it's true, Father Time has once again upped my life counter and mocks me. Bonus points for mocking me in a foreign country. Where I am most definitely not partying down as should be in accordance with such a day.

On the other hand, mmmm, Tea. Actual conversation:

Ismet: Can I get you a drink? Coffee, tea?
Me: I've had too much tea already. I think I will eliminate your country's tea supply before I leave.
Ismet: I don't know... we have a lot of tea here.
Me: Trust me. When I'm through here, this country will be called Urkey.

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! and happy birthday to [ profile] thereject!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I can honsetly say that this is the worst TG I've ever had, being that I was working for 19/24 hours of the day cycle, and that the nearest thing resembling turkey was the city of Istanbul, now not Constantinople. Still, I think I'm pretty thankful for... you know, stuff.

Ah, hell with it. I just like this holiday because it's an excuse to be a glutton. I have no shame. I suppose that's why I feel slightly guilty, having eaten a Thanksgiving Shrimp for dinner. Mmmm, shrimp.

Anyway, the point is, I'm rambly and loopy, but thankful that I'm not dead yet and that you guys are the bomb-diggity. Except you jerks in Pod Six.
So the other day my good buddy [ profile] angledge gives me a great Christmas gift: a ticket to join her in Lincoln Center for a Handel's Messiah sing-along.

Boring post about classical music follows. Click here to laugh at my mediocre singing skillz, yo. )
Merry Christmas to everyone. Even if you don't celebrate. I still think you should be merry. Because, hey, why not? It's a seasonal thing. You can be a jerk next week, if you want. I probably will. But right now, enjoy the day. It means fun and merriment. Go make merry; you won't regret it.

Ok, just to show you how easy it is, I'm going to try it out.
*deeeeeep breath*
I think you guys are great and it's a pleasure knowing you, for real or otherwise.
Hmm. That wasn't too difficult, but it took a lot out of me. I can go back to being my usual self now. ;-)

See you in a week when I might make a friendly New Years post as well. Although I'm much more likely to make a drunk-off-my-ass post at that point.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg agrees: "[ profile] chaosvizier's full of Christmas cheer right now, but in seven days he's going to be the most shitfaced guy on the planet, and I'll be glad to have him out of my city."
Because we're slow, we decided to celebrate Halloween a few days late. Hey, when the holiday's on a Tuesday, what can you do?

And there was a party, And the changing of garments, And hijinks most wacky, And it was Good in the eyes of the Mirror God. )
This weekend, there was a wedding.

This story does not actually talk about the wedding, but what came before. It's like a prequel, see? )
Very brief summary of the past weekend:
1. Wanted to go to Boston.
2. Got hellaciously ill.
3. Went to Boston anyway.
4. Froze.
5. Learned stuff.
6. Went home.

Rather more detailed summary follows here. Click and read. It has pirates. Fucking Pirates! You know you want to read now. )
Instead of commenting on today's holiday of choice, I'm going to jabber about last night's Olympic programme.

Read more... )
Ok, I admit, I'm not a huge updater. I write here once in a while, just for shits and giggles. But some folks say they want to know more about what I'm doing, and that I should update and stuff, so here's my review of my life in the year 2006. That's right, all 24 days of it. Fear the summary. FEAR!

On the First Day of January someone gave to me... A craptastic marshmallow peep! )

Later that year, some other crazy stuff happened. )

And then, some martial arts nonsense. )
So... it's a New Year. And like any New Year, it should start off with a bang.

Well, alright, this was two weeks ago and all that. I'm slow. Sue me. )
Many months ago, I had a most tragic encounter with a box of Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies which resulted in most of them leaping to their horrible fate inside my belly. It was heartbreaking, in that sugary-sweet chocolate-covered kind of way.

There is another such box before me.

The following statements apply to this immediate situation:

A) "Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it" or some such nonsense.
B) I was never really any good at history in school.
C) In the time it has taken to write this far, I've eaten about 40% of the box's contents, including the cardboard and a plastic wrapper.
D) Despite not having smoked weed in, say, ever, I have a wicked case of the munchies.
E) Make that 45%.

Conclusion: This is gonna cost me.
I am now in a way foreign country.

How I got here... )
Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day to all! (pretend that sentence showed up about, say, three days ago, and not right now when it is, say, three days late)

Holiday jabber here )
Travelling jabber here )

So, in summary, if anybody wants a postcard from the southwest Indian ocean, email me your address and I'll send you some tropical island magic via post. chaosvizier is my name, and hotmail is my game. Also include your name, just in case I only know your livejournal handle and for some strange reason don't know your first or last name. Heh.

I'm sure I'll have updates here on what tropical islands in the Indian ocean are like. But in case I don't have the time, I'll see everyone in a month. Happy New Year!
So, after work last night, I faced the answer to the question, "What does one do in New York City during the holiday season?"

Same thing five million other people are doing... )
Once more the shadowy forces of darkness make their way to the mortal plane, ready to instill fear and terror into the minds and hearts of men. Ghosts and witches prowl the streets, looking for souls to claim for their sinister masters. Only the foolhardy go out on this dark day.

Everyone else stays home and watches scary movies. And like I did last year, I once again offer you a wide selection of scary movies to choose from, because... well, just because.

Nine More Halloween Movies To Keep You Busy This Weekend )
The freedom to just up and take days off of work because you need some extra time is something I now realize I can't live without. If my job ever realized this, I'd be so completely owned, because I will never quit, even if I get demoted to official toilet scrubber. For 30+ paid vacation days a year, damn straight I'll scrub toilets.

Anyway, that's beside the point, as always.

The Adventure Begins Here )
drunken ramplblings ensue )
Yesterday it snowed. Today is St. Patrick's day. These two events so closely linked can only mean one thing: legions of cold drunken Irish persons.

Winter Ain't Over Yet... Unless You Live In The Southern Hemisphere. )

Erin Go Blargh! And Other Leprechaun Pickup Lines... )

And on a completely unrelated side note, the 'hit shuffle and see what's on your music player' quiz. )
So this weekend, the Hive had its traditional Mardi Gras party. "Traditional" might not be the most appropriate word, since our first Mardi Gras party was last year, but since we're displaying foresight and anticipating future similarly-themed parties, we can predict the onset of tradition. We're clever like that.

Friday: Foreshadowings of Ominous Portent )

Saturday: Chili of Impressive Magnitude )

Saturday: Evening of Unmentionable Activity )

Sunday: Morning of Silent Trauma )
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