Today's educational topic is music.

To summarize: Music is good.

Now, I like music. I played instruments in elementary and high school. I sang with choirs. I enjoyed musicals. I even just got myself one of them iPod doohickies and used it to get music off of some tubes somewhere.

And now, the fine print... )
What follows is a terrifying journey into madness, horror, and goblins. Well, ok, I'm making that all up. It's really just about a bunch of geeks playing games.

Sid Meier, thou art a fiend most villainous! )
So there I was, wandering around southern Manhattan at 5:00 am, and a homeless guy is trying to sell us death sticks and crack...

But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself here... (EDIT: Now with more pictures and tales!) )
So... it's a New Year. And like any New Year, it should start off with a bang.

Well, alright, this was two weeks ago and all that. I'm slow. Sue me. )
Last night a game of cards was played.

That's right, we can make even a harmless game of poker crude and tasteless... )
This weekend we had a LAN party. If you don't know what that means, don't even read this entry, and go watch this.

Now that you've been suitably forewarned... )
Cut Because I'm Telling Another Long Story )

And, as a token reminder, the [ profile] ljdq has a new quiz up. Everyone who's played so far has helped contribute to the funnyness. We love you all. Keep on playing! Tell your friends! Tell your friends' friends! Rock On!
The freedom to just up and take days off of work because you need some extra time is something I now realize I can't live without. If my job ever realized this, I'd be so completely owned, because I will never quit, even if I get demoted to official toilet scrubber. For 30+ paid vacation days a year, damn straight I'll scrub toilets.

Anyway, that's beside the point, as always.

The Adventure Begins Here )
Do not despair, loyal readers, for I have returned at long last from my annual odyssey to the epicenter of geekdom. Yes, I know, you didn't really miss me, and you don't want to know where I went, but I'm a professional jerk, and I'm going to tell you about it anyway. Gives my fingers exercise, at the least.

Beware, for beyond this cut-tag lies pure geekdom. If you are cool, just clicking this link might burn you like God's holy fire. You have been forewarned. )
Never let it be said that I deny my geek ways. I play computer games. I've played RPG's. I have dice with more than six sides. Total geek. Right here.

This weekend was Ubercon III, a small but growing gaming convention near the Meadowlands. Far be it from me to pass up a nearby convention, so there I go.

Con details are boring, except for Makoto, my new favorite toy that I would buy if I had assloads of money to burn. Striking things with sticks is all good in my book.

Also met the guys from Penny Arcade, one of my favorite online comics. As a gesture of goodwill to [profile] angledge, I did not buy an FF2K shirt. Instead I got one with DivX, because he likes drinking.

Games were played. Quotes were made. Drinks were sprayed.

"Bitch, bring it on with my donkey!" - [profile] thereject

"Eat the goat, baby!" - [profile] thereject, again

"Talk to the skull, 'cause the hand isn't listening!" - [profile] thereject, yet again

"So I was watching two eight-year-olds, but when they were six." - Tricia

And with that out of the way, heeeeeeeeere's March!
Today did not start out as a game night. It started out as a day of shopping, during which time [profile] deinemuse and [profile] ghostwriterxx decided to take me and upgrade my wardrobe. Although I do like my wardrobe, they told me that A) some different things would look better on me and thus make me look better overall, and B) my current wardrobe is older than dust. I suppose I can't argue with the last one, being that the last time I went casual clothes shopping was in the previous millennium, and I probably couldn't possibly look worse being, well, it's me, so I went along with them. Now I have pants that apparantly make me look like I have a hot ass. I'll assume that's good. [profile] fizrep got pajamas. 'nuff said.

[profile] lizature and [profile] stacymonster joined us later in the evening, and we started drinking and gaming and stuff. Many things happened. That's irrelevant. As always, the Quotes of the Day speak for themselves.

Click Here For The Quotes Of The Day. )
Game Night, although slightly underrepresented, was still fun fun fun for the whole family! The end results: Math is dorky. 'nuff said.

On the other hand, some impressive verbiage was uttered. Witness our crazy talk!

"You don't want to get a hairball while going down on him." - [profile] ghostwriterxx

"I comprehend big black cock." - [profile] ghostwriterxx

"Will you be my little English muffin?" - [profile] fizrep to [profile] deinemuse

"You're starting to speak dork." - [profile] ghostwriterxx to [profile] deinemuse

"Six times one is..." - [profile] ghostwriterxx
"Six?" - [personal profile] chaosvizier
"Shhh! I wanna be surprised!" - [profile] ghostwriterxx

"Oh, oh, oh yes! Oh I love you math!" - [personal profile] chaosvizier

Tune in next week when we do this again. Oh yeah.
Not going to work on a snowy day is such a great feeling. It should happen more often. I'm all for four-day work weeks.

Oh, what do you know, next week's a four-day work week too. Bonnie! Allah is way cool for getting me a Monday off. Go Allah. You da man.

Staying home with my wonderful housemates led to all sorts of Shenanigans, not the least of which was us idolizing American Idol's piss-poor contestants. Play That Funky Music, White Boy!

Also, there's moments like this:

"My people don't need pork. They're Egyptian!" - [profile] ghostwriterxx

So I spent the day rejecting my 9-5 mission of World Peace and conquering other insolent nations playing Civilization III. I dedicate this victory to [profile] culturecouture, Warrior Goddess!

[profile] deinemuse also made dinner. Yum. Thank you for sparing my innards the tragic horror of another round of Hot Pockets. My gastrointestinal system worships you.
Weekend come, weekend gone. And some stuff happened too.

Friday- Saw Matrix: Revolutions again, this time in IMAX format. Why? Because I'm a sucker for shiny fancy technology, and because I wanted to see Monica Bellucci's boobies on as large a screen as humanly possible. Or something like that. Umm... anyway. I liked the movie better the second time around, surprisingly. All my prior reservations and problems with the movie are still there, but I think taken as a whole it's not a total crapfest. I'll still grant that it's nowhere near as good as the first one. They jumped the shark, no question. But it was acceptable. And worth getting drunk to afterwards. Didn't make it back in time for [profile] jeffster's party, though. My bad.

Quote of the Day: "KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!" - [profile] fizrep/[personal profile] chaosvizier

Saturday- Sleep is good. Not much to add to that. Picked up the Hollands on their flight from Holland, spent the evening hanging out with them and [profile] fizrep and my wonderful housemates and, later, [profile] halcyon7. They made me feel less foolish by also knocking down the Hello Kitty shower curtain. Heh. Saw Zoolander which was much funnier than I would have given it credit for. Adam Sandler is really not one of my favorite actors- he's just not funny, in general. Owen Wilson did help to make this movie much funnier than it could have been. Played lots of Cranium, which was buckets of fun.

[Edit: I mean Ben Stiller. Not Adam Sandler. They both suck, though, so fuck em.]

Quote of the Day: "No, that would be fucking a clone. Like Anna did." - [profile] ghostwriterxx

Quote of the Day:
"I don't want to drink alone. That would make me an alcoholic." - [profile] ghostwriterxx
"What do you think THEY are?" - [profile] deinemuse, pointing at [profile] fizrep and [personal profile] chaosvizier

Today I limp because I did something that messed up my knee. Badly. Ow. I felt it crunch inside and thought, That can't be good for me. And hey, I was right.

[Edit: I also told my parents Sunday that I moved. Several weeks ago. Heh, my bad.]

As a completely irrelevant side note that will satisfy my insatiable curiosity, does anyone reading this actively enjoy classical orchestral/choral music, or am I the only old-fashioned dork here? Brutal honesty is acceptable.
I like to write. No, scratch that. I love to write. Writing is fun. This is not to say that I'm good at it, as this LJ comment aptly demonstrates; it just means I like to do it. Kinda like me singing... but that's a whole different nightmare which we won't go into at this particular moment.

I would love to walk into a bookstore and see a book on a shelf for sale with my name listed as the author. I don't care if no one buys it. It's there. It's published. I'm only half-way there, with some writing credit given in a computer game (okay, shameless self-promotion for Master Of Orion III, which unfortunately wasn't a great computer game, but hell, enough people bought it, which means enough people read my stuff, and fuck it, I'll feed my ego here just for kicks).

But more even than that, I would like to write something on the lines of this story, which was so goddam funny that everyone who read it on that forum immediately told all their friends about it, and those people told others, and all of a sudden a million people all over the internet read this incredibly hilarious tale of how evil blimps can be. That is my true goal in life.

Since neither of the above incidents has happened yet, I'll head off to my next goal, which would be to drink this entire bottle of chocolate chip cookie cream liquor, because it's so goddam tasty. If anyone would like to donate their liver to my cause, I'd be grateful. Not yours, [profile] fizrep; it's probably worse than mine.
Well, first the good. Origins, as always, was helluva fun, if you're a gamer geek like me. No doubt about that. Probably one of our best, overall.

Now, the horror.

Day One (Wednesday) marks the beginning. Driving from NJ to OH is a 520 mile process, lasting between 8 and 9 hrs. I've done it before sans problem. This time, however, around mile 360, the car decided to stop working. At all. Sonofabitch. So, there we are on the side of a highway just over the PA-OH border. Middle of nowhere. Calling AAA gets a tow truck there (he nearly missed us, stopping first for a broken down car a mile before ours...), and the three of us pile into two seats of the front of the truck and proceed to Columbus, 170 miles away. Towing costs make me a poor panda.

Day Two (Thursday) sees me get my car towed to a nearby shop. They are hellaciously busy and will not be able to look at it until the next day. This was the case with several other places, so I just chose the one that sounded the friendliest.

Day Three (Friday) gets me a call from the shop. The car's master computer has fritzed out. Dead. Kaputt. It is no more. Well, shit, I think. That can't possibly be a cheap repair. Mr. Lee confims my dread suspicions by mentioning that the new part would cost $800. Before labor. One can only imagine the size of the turd that jumped out of my pants and remarked "You're fucked" before running out the door. My jaw moves in odd directions for a few seconds before saying "Okay, go for it." After all, wtf was I going to say, trapped in OH as I was and needing to return? They had me bent over like Ving Rhames in Pulp Fiction. To add insult to injury, they weren't goig to be done until Monday morning. Bastards.

Day Five (Sunday) is [profile] fizrep's horror. He needed to return to work before Monday morning, so he opted for the early morning Greyhound at 2 am Sunday. Poor fool. Greyhound opted to give him the Red Light Special Assfucking- the ticket person directed him and several other poor sods to the wrong gate, where they waited while their bus left. Next bus: 4 am. His desire to catch a train out of Newark was foiled thus, so he searched for a different exit to escape, in hopes of finding a cab. He unfortunately chose the wrong exit, and got stuck in the middle of Ass, NJ waiting for a $60 cab ride. Total travel time from hotel to home: 19 hrs.

Day Six (Monday) sees me empty my bank account at some guy's feet and watch him take a bath in my money. He even has the nerve to tell me my front tires are in dangerous condition, and that I should get them replaced before making any more large trips. Had I been, say, a vampire, I might have ripped his jugular out on the spot and consumed his life fluids. Instead, I politely examined my tires with him, agreeing with his assessment, and left. Firestone fortunately put on my brand new tires very quickly, and I was able to get underway. Oddly enough, the return trip was done in record time. I'm sure the car was fueled in part by my incomparable rage.

And here I am. Note to anyone hosting a party within the next seven days: I'll be there, because by all that's holy, I need a party like no one's business. Oh yes indeedy.
Today was surprisingly productive. Did laundry, purchased supplies for our upcoming trip to Ohio, and then went to replace my broken glasses. I decided to give contact lenses a try. Wheeee! My vision is trippy now... It's like I can see, but I see weird. Hard to describe. I don't know if I like it yet.

Ah well. All packed up for Origins now. Yes, for those of you who didn't know it before, I'm a geek. I like gaming- computers and RPGS and board/tabletop games, whatever. Except that stupid Magic/CCG shit. You want to mock me? Bring it on! I'll take you all on! I'll-

Uh, 'scuse me. Got carried away there. Nothing to see here, nope. Anyway, see you all next week, unless my vision completely flips me out and I drive into a truck. That would be lame ass.



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