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Remember, remember, the meme of November!

In today's episode, [livejournal.com profile] i_calql8 inquires about my movie review of 'V for Vendetta'. Tomorrow's episode is still open for discussion, so come on by! Even if you already chose a day, fuck it, take a second day! Be greedy!

I did write a review of this movie a long time ago. But, in the interests of the meme, I will add more fun-filled action-packed details.

What's Crap About This Film

1) I'm sorry, Natalie Portman, but you're really kinda boring. Or at least, in this film you are. Maybe this wasn't your kind of thing. You've done better; "The Professional" is an excellent film with one of the best Portman performances of all time, and in the travesty that was the Star Wars prequel trilogy, Natalie Portman is stuck opposite some of the worst acting in all history and she does her best to salvage it. Full credit there.

2) Not as much "crap", per se, but as always happens with a book-to-film conversion, there are nuances and details in the book that have to be sacrificed for the transformation into film. I think the film does a good job of keeping to the heart of the story, and keeping many details intact. No judgement there. But there are a few scenes and details that I think could have been included to give a little more weight to the movie. But whatever; watch the movie, then go read the story. You'll get the gist of it.

3) Profit.

What's Not Crap About This Film

1) Hugo Weaving. Elrond Half-Elven delivers every line of dialogue with brilliance, distinction, and the occasional but necessary hamminess. You can't see his mouth move, but you know he's in there sneering as only he can as he delivers V's contempt to the enemy that is England. He raises the bar even as he hits people with it.

2) Realism. The graphic novel was written back in the 80's, and Alan Moore felt that Margaret Thatcher's England was heading towards this kind of fascist state. Perhaps it didn't turn out that way, but when the movie came out in 2005, the atmosphere in the USA was unnaturally similar to events depicted in the film. Twenty years of foresight, check. Add to that V's anarchic philosophies and methods, and you have a step-by-step guide to revolutionary awesomeness.

3) Music. Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture is already awesome on its own merits. Attaching it to the demolition of half of London? BOOYAH.

What's Completely Awesome About This Film

1) Stephen Fry and the Benny Hill Sequence. If you have to ask "who's Benny Hill?" then I don't have enough time or space to explain how funny this particular part of the film is. If you know, then you also know why this is so amazingly funny.

2) "Bollocks". This is a great British word, and it is a failure of the Americanization of the English language that we in the USA do not say "bollocks" more often. This movie might have the highest "bollocks" count of any movie ever made. It was almost my favorite word, until halfway through the film when Inspector Finch said...

3) "Colliwobbles". 'nuff said.

In summary: Colliwobbles.
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